Preventative Maintenance

We at Principle Property Services offer bespoke PPM programs that are tailored to your assets. We understand that each building has its own unique DNA, and although the principles might be the same the operation may not be. This is why we take the time to assess your needs on an individual basis to ensure that the service we provide is accurate, up to standard, and cost-efficient.

We will provide each client with their own unique contract file which details the service visits required to maintain your assets to standard, this folder will remain in your possession for reference – we simply maintain its upkeep for you!

Each folder will contain:

  • A 52 week planner
  • A 52 week task sheet schedule
  • Copies of all engineering reports
  • Engineering timesheets
  • Statutory Certification (where applicable)

Our open-book culture means that you are always in control of the service we provide you, and you can see where your budget is spent whether it is on a project, remedial/reactive works or on long term maintenance programs.