PPS Sustainability and Environment Policy Statement

Protecting and Sustaining the natural environment is a core value within Principle Property Services Ltd.

Principle Property Services will be open about its environmental aims and practices and will seek to achieve high standards in environmental performance. The company is committed to developing a formal environmental management system (EMS) and is seeking certification to the international standard ISO14001

Specifically, this policy requires the following of Principle Property Services Ltd. business:

  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, local Environmental Laws and the policies, standards and practices of Principle Property Services.
  • Establish goals on Environment and Sustainability and the business plans necessary to achieve these goals.
  • Provide accurate and timely measurement and reporting of performance on Environment and Sustainability.
  • Manage, Implement and periodically evaluate Environment and Sustainability Issues.
  • Integrate Environmental and Sustainability consideration into investment decisions, the design of services and products, and in dealings with suppliers and contractors.
  • Require all employees to adhere to these standards and provide management commitment of the means and resources necessary to lead, support, monitor and maintain accountability for implementation of this policy.
  • Provide appropriate training to our employees to increase their Environmental and Sustainability awareness.
  • Keep up to date with best practice in the environmental areas.
  • Minimise the generation of greenhouse gases and energy consumption, wherever practicable. As a service organisation we have recognise the significant impact of our energy use in transportation and will continue to investigate ways of reducing consumption in this area and the use of ‘greener’ fuels.
  • Encourage our business to develop products and processes which minimise the environmental impact and pollution from our business operations and use of our products
  • Minimise waste including reusing and recycling materials where this is practicable
  • Ensure no pollutants enter any drains, surface water or water courses during any PPS activities.
  • Ensure all transported waste is segregated.
  • Waste Carrier License Reg. No. CB/UM3150DU (Expires 02/08/2013)       
  • Ensure we work closely with our customers to ensure all water systems are utilised efficiently.
  • Encourage our business to prevent noise pollution in all aspects of our operations.

We are also committed to developing meaningful objectives and targets appropriate to our organisation and businesses and to measuring and monitoring our environmental performance. Our aim is to increase external reporting on environmental issues as we develop in this area.


All levels of management are responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented throughout the organisation.


Our environmental policy, goals and performance is communicated to all employees, who in turn sign and acknowledge their awareness of the policy and their responsibility thereafter.

This policy will also be made available to our customers and other interested parties and will be reviewed annually.

On all of the above, we seek and expect the involvement and contribution of our employees, and strive for continuous improvement.